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40 ALLTEST 10miu ultra professional urine pregnancy test cassetttes

40 ALLTEST 10miu ultra professional urine pregnancy test cassetttes


Product Information:

Trial or evaluation single carton of 40 ultra pregnancy tests cassettes for urine pregnancy testing Hcg at 10miu and above.
Professional ALLTEST Branded CE FDA ISO certified IVDD in cartons of 40 test cassette
Idividual foil wrapped pregnancy test cassettes each packed with pipete. Simple to follow proceedure with marked sample well, results window with test and control lines.
High accuracy, specificity and 10miu hcg urine selectivity
Each carton contains 40 cassettes, 1 data sheet
Easy: complete test pack.
Fast: reliable results in under 5 minutes.
Accurate: accurate in clinical trials with comparable leading brands
Delivery: Same day dispatch Available from stock for delivery.
Professional packs are offered for sale to professional end users including private and NHS clinics, hospitals, doctors, nurses, GP's, practioners, research labs, universities, charities, schools etc. They are for professional use and may only be re-sold in complete cartons of 40 tests for professional end use.
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