Amazon MFN vs FBA-Which Is The Best For Amazon Sellers

Amazon MFN vs FBA-Which Is The Best For Amazon Sellers

Amazon MFN and Amazon FBA

Amazon offer 2 main starter sales avenues for merchants selling on the Amazon platform.

The basic sales channel is Merchant Fulfilled Network or MFN. Merchants list on the Amazon sales platform and when a customer orders they process, post, delivery and support the customer services arising from the sale directly. Amazon takes a fee based on the sales value of the order and the balance is paid to the merchant on a rolling 14 day cycle. Merchants maintain control over the Amazon sales channels their listings appear within and can select from just UK or add France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Sweden and an increasing range of Amazon marketplaces.

We can supply wholesale stock to merchants wishing to offer these lines on well established Amazon ASIN listings for MFN sales.

Amazon FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) enables merchants to ship stock directly to Amazon warehouses for Amazon to fulfill orders placed in Prime or non prime offers. FBA is also offered across European Amazon sales channels, but from Jan 1st 2021 the merchant has to manage the export of stock from the UK to a chosen European Amazon warehouse. Once in the EU Amazon will distribute the stock within Europe to sell on the marketplaces enabled by the merchant. The merchant will be required to hold a current VAT registration in each of the EU countries in which stock is warehouse and sold.

ADTUK can offer a full bar code labelling service for products being sent directly to an Amazon fulfillment center for FBA sale. This means that purchased stock can be labelled by our team and prepared for shipment to Amazon. Merchants only need to arrange the collection using a partner carrier, so need never handle of need to process products in their own warehouse. This reduces entry times and costs for buyers, improving overall margins.

Read our offers for how FBA services can help your business sell on Amazon here

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