Ebay Wholesale Suppliers UK

Ebay wholesale products 

ADTUK wholesale and trade catalog is available online on this wholesale website and is ideal for ebay merchants looking to expand their sales on the ebay UK sales platform, and able to hold stock for merchant fulfilment of ebay orders. 

Sourcing stock for ebay in the UK

All the wholesale product lines that we offer to ebay sellers have established high volume item sales histories in ebay in the UK, producing over 99.5% positive ebay account feedback (over 55K feedbacks to date)

Ebay listings are quick and easy to duplicate into your inventory using the "sell yours" feature on the existing ADTUK ebay listing.

Access Diagnostic Tests will provide copyright reproduction authorisation for use of our custom white background product graphics, although we would encourage buyers to produce unique multiple graphics to support their ebay listings.

Ebay buyers will also be allowed to use the Valuemed Specialists in Diagnostic Healthcare brand trademark to differentiate their listings for the duration you continue to purchase wholesale products for your ebay shop wholesale from us.

You can order products wholesale through this website for your ebay business. The wholesale products are in stock in the UK. 

Do you offer Ebay dropshipping in the UK?

ADTUK Ltd does not currently offer a drop shipping or order fulfilment service for retail ebay orders. We have no current plans to offer ebay drop shipping in the near future, but we are ebay wholesale suppliers for eBay sellers based in the UK.

How do I order ebay products wholesale

Order ebay wholesale products online using the normal checkout

If you need any assistance please contact our customer support team who will be happy to help you.