Amazon FBA Wholesale Suppliers


Are you looking for Amazon FBA wholesale products?

We ask all new buyers to meet the following four simple criteria, before they sell on existing brand ASIN's

  • Be a UK registered company with at least 1 filed set of accounts on the company house website
  • Have an Amazon business account in your business name with 12 months trading history.
  • Be registered for and paying UK VAT on your supplies/sales.
  • Have established testimonial feedbacks with over 90% five star and above on Amazon. 

Amazon FBA products

Once established on Amazon you can utilise the existing catalog of Amazon ASIN listings for our branded products. supplied at wholesale prices to get you up and selling on Amazon in days. We also encourage buyers to create their own new ASIN listings for the products including bundle combinations, creating new opportunities for sales on the Amazon platform.

ADTUK Wholesale

We are a wholesale FBA product supplier based in Norfolk in the UK. We are an established medical supply company with over 20 years of experience. We have a large range of medical products already in FBA in the UK and Europe, and available wholesale through this website. If you are an existing FBA seller and are looking for wholesale products to add to your existing FBA store and catalog please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Orders can also be placed online. We are established UK wholesalers for Amazon sellers in the UK and have been selling through Amazon FBA ourselves for over 18 years.

Wholesale medical products for Amazon FBA sellers

ADTUK is an established UK medical supplier that specialises in wholesale medical supplies for resale, drug testing kits and medical products, and have extensive experience in Amazon FBA. We are an established FBA products supplier, and where one of the first UK medical suppliers to put products into Amazon FBA.

Are you an e-commerce business looking for wholesale medical products and supplies to add to your Amazon FBA seller account? You can order online through this website, in trade volumes for your Amazon business. 

Can I apply for a credit account? How do I pay ?

  • Currently we are not processing requests for credit terms from Private or Limited UK or EU companies. We ask you to pay using credit or debit cards online, or offline via UK bank transfer.
  • To place an order you do not have to pre-register, simply place your order online and we will send you payment requests. Goods will normally be reserved for 2 working days to enable you to complete your bank payment
  • Our preferred payment method is Bank Transfer by BACs, but you can also pay by card. Please pay for your order by bank transfer, you will be sent our account details with your invoice immediately after you place your order.

How quickly can you delivery my wholesale order for Amazon FBA?

Can I sell on Amazon in the category the products are listed?

  • Your account permissions are set by Amazon, not us. We suggest you add the products to your FBA inventory before purchasing stock to confirm your account settings permit the sale of Healthcare lines.
  • Many of our products are protected by the Amazon Brand registry and Amazon will request proof of purchase or an invoice copy before granting permission to sell. We are glad to cooperate with these permissions.
  • Avoid infringement action by ensuring trademark-protected products are clearly traceable to the online orders you place. If we cannot link the purchase and the selling Amazon Seller Account details we may automatically lodge infringement notices with Amazon which can lead to the account being suspended. If your purchase details differ from your Amazon Seller account details notify our trade department before entering the stock into the Amazon catalog.

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