What is a ketone breath meter

What is a ketone breath meter

Ketone breath meters what are they

Ketone breath meters have been around now for several years. They are similar in appearance and operation to a handheld alcohol breathalyser. The main difference is that a breath ketone meter measures the levels of acetone on the breath, and a alcohol breathalyser measures alcohol levels on the breath. 

Who uses a ketone breath meter

They are used by people following low carbohydrate or keto diets to monitor if they are in ketosis (fat burning ). A ketone breath meter is also useful for those doing intermittent fasting to detect ketosis. They are popular with people following these weight loss regimes, who want to know if they are in ketosis, but do not want to use a blood ketone meter which involves finger prick blood samples. A ketone breath meter is a great motivational tool to help people stick with their keto diet. They are not as accurate as a blood ketone meter but they are still very popular because they are so easy to use.

How does a ketone breath meter work

When fat is used as a an energy source by the human body it produces ketones as a by-product of burning fat and these can be measured on the breath. The ketone breath meter detects these levels on the breath.

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Can I buy a single ketone breath meter

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