Cheap Pregnancy Tests

Cheap pregnancy test strips

The sensitivity of cheap pregnancy test strips varies. The lower the sensitivity of the test the earlier it can detect pregnancy, although this can have its drawbacks so more sensitive does not always mean this is the best pregnancy test to use.

For most pregnancies usually, the best pregnancy test to go for is a 25mIU HCG sensitivity as this will in most cases detect pregnancy from the 1st day of the missed period. The lower sensitivity early pregnancy test strips ie 20mIU, 15mIU, and 10 mIU hCG are more prone to giving apparent false positives.

This is because they detect pregnancy at a much earlier stage before the period has been missed. if the pregnancy then fails to proceed this results in a positive pregnancy test followed a few days later by a negative pregnancy test.

Some women may wish to test early before the period and in this case it is best to use an ultra sensitive pregnancy test such as a 10mIU hcg sensitivity test.

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