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100 HbA1C Rapid Test Kits

100 HbA1C Rapid Test Kits

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100 ALLTEST OHA-402 professional whole blood (capillary) test kits for HbA1c

  • 10 pack of 10 HbA1C blood test kits
  • This is a professional medical diagnostic test kit intended solely for use by healthcare professionals under the supervision of doctors
  • Rapid whole blood test cassettes for HbA1c in packs of 10
  • Allow instant on-site screening for diabetes in clinics, health screening, out-patients, nursing homes using finger-prick capillary samples
  • Elevated HbA1c levels in the blood is the best way of early diagnosis for Diabetes and is the only reliable marker of pre-diabetes before symptoms develop
  • ALLTEST HbA1c Rapid test Cassette allows on-site screening of capillary whole blood samples.

Contents of each HbA1c professional medical test pack

  • 10 x HbA1C test cassettes with droppers
  • 10 x sample collection micro-transfer tubes and 10 buffers
  • 1 x instruction
  • 1 x colour code card

If you require smaller volumes of the HbA1c professional medical test kits please follow link below to our retail site

HbA1c professional medical test kits pack of 10

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