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100 Professional Vitamin D Rapid Test Kits

100 Professional Vitamin D Rapid Test Kits

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100 ALLTEST OVD-402 professional whole blood Vitamin D rapid test cassettes in packs of 10

  • The Vitamin D blood test kit has 4 possible results: 10ng/ml (deficient), 30ng/ml (insufficient), 100ng/ml (sufficient), >100ng/ml (possible toxicity)
  • Each Vitamin D test requires a small blood sample, which can be obtained from a finger prick.
  • The pack contains 10 vitamin d test kits so allows 10 rapid vitamin D blood tests to be performed
  • Note: The equipment needed to obtain a blood sample for the vitamin d test is not included. 
  • If the vitamin D blood test is being performed on a finger-prick blood sample then sterile tip blood lancets may also be purchased. 
  • These Vitamin d test kit packs are professional bulk testing packs and cannot be split for individual sale. Only 1 buffer solution and one data-sheet is included in each 10 test pack.

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