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CORE 10miu ultra professional urine pregnancy test strips

CORE 10miu ultra professional urine pregnancy test strips

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Wholesale ultra sensitive 10 miu pregnancy test strips

  • Long date expiry APRIL 2024 packs
  • Cartons of 50 CORE ultra pregnancy tests strips
  • For urine pregnancy testing Hcg at 10miu and above.
  • Professional CORE branded CE FDA ISO certified IVDD in cartons of 50 pregnancy test strips
  • Individual foil-wrapped pregnancy test strips. 
  • Simple to follow procedure
  • High accuracy, specificity and 10miu hcg urine selectivity
  • Each carton contains 50 strips, 1 data sheet
  • Easy: complete test pack.
  • Fast: reliable results in under 5 minutes.
  • Accurate: accurate in clinical trials with comparable leading brands
  • Order bulk pregnancy tests online
  • Contact our trade team to buy wholesale pregnancy test strips in larger volumes than are available online

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