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Wholesale ALLTEST SP-10 Male Sperm Test

Wholesale ALLTEST SP-10 Male Sperm Test

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OTC ALLTEST SP-10 Home Male Sperm Test

  • Acrosomal protein SP-10 chromatographic immunoassay sperm test kit
  • OTC home or self-testing full boxed CE compliant packs. Un-restricted UK sales line
  • Very accurate home fertility test for men
  • Highly specific to viable human sperm
  • A complete test to check sperm count is above 15 million / ml
  • A positive result is shown if the sperm count is above 15 million / ml
  • A negative result indicates the sperm count is below 15 million / ml
  • Pack contains one complete home male fertility test kit
  • 98.20% overall accuracy
  • 98.30% relative specificity
  • 98.10% relative sensitivity
  • CE quality certified.
  • Each pack Contents per pack: 1 test device, 1 semen transfer device, 1 specimen cup, 2 solutions, instructions.
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