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Wholesale EASYLIFE Blood Haemoglobin Strips

Wholesale EASYLIFE Blood Haemoglobin Strips

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Wholesale EasyLife haemoglobin blood test strips

  • Our wholesale packs of Easylife haemoglobin test strips start from just 40 packs
  • Easylife haemoglobin test strips are CE certified for European clinical (professional) and self-test use.
  • Packs of 25 haemoglobin test strips 
  • For use in the EASYLIFE Blood Haemoglobin and EASYLIFE Blood GLucose / Cholesterol / Haemoglobin meters.
  • Can only be used in conjunction with the Easylife haemoglobin meter or the Easylife combined glucose, cholesterol and Haemoglobin meter

EasyLife Haemoglobin blood test strips pack contents

  • 25 EasyLife Blood Haemoglobin test strips
  • 1 code chip
  • User instruction sheet

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