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Wholesale Vitamin D Self Test Kits

Wholesale Vitamin D Self Test Kits

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ALLTEST Vitamin D level home test kits

A quick and easy home test kit to check if vitamin d levels in the blood are deficient, insufficient or sufficient. The vitamin d test works on a finger prick blood sample.

Key features of the vitamin D level self-test or rapid test kits by ALLTEST

  • A complete self-test kit for Vitamin D levels in finger-prick blood
  • Each home Vitamin D test kit requires a small blood sample, which can be obtained from a finger prick with the safety lancet provided.
  • The vitamin d test pack contains 1 vitamin D test kit, 1 lancet, wipes, buffer and capillary dropper with instructions and colour card to enable results interpretation
  • Indicates Vitamin D levels as Deficient, Insufficient or Sufficient (normal)

To buy a single vitamin d home test kit visit Valuemed

Contents of each home Vitamin D test kit pack

  • 1 x vitamin D test cassette
  • 1 x dropper
  • 1 x buffer
  • 1 x vitamin D colour card
  • 1 x instruction
  • 1 x alcohol pad
  • 1 x lancet

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