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Our rapid diagnostic test kit range CE marked for professional end use and not self-testing.

Rapid diagnostic test kits

Rapid diagnostic test (RDT) kits are medical devices used to quickly diagnose various infectious diseases or medical conditions. These tests are designed to provide results within minutes, often at the point of care, without the need for specialised laboratory equipment or extensive training.

RDTs typically work by detecting specific antigens, antibodies, or nucleic acids associated with the target disease. They are commonly used for diagnosing diseases such infectious diseases, vitamin deficiency and various other medical conditions and diseases.

RDTs are particularly valuable in resource-limited settings or during outbreaks where rapid diagnosis is crucial for patient management, disease surveillance, and controlling the spread of infections. They offer a practical and efficient way to quickly identify infected individuals, enabling timely treatment and appropriate public health interventions, and were widely used during the recent pandemic.